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At the end of the show they really did feel like a true couple so seeing them together im so over the moon.They know each other like friends and are genuine towards one another to the point you can see their love for one another. I'll be honest and say my heart hurt when i heard Crown J was dating another girl because ive always wanted him to be with Seo In Young....i guess they'll truly end up in marriage after this. It recorded a peak viewership rating of 47.6%, making it the highest rated Korean drama of 2013.Lee Seo-young (Lee Bo-young) and Lee Sang-woo (Park Hae-jin) are twin siblings who often suffered hardships along with their mother due to their father Lee Sam-jae's (Chun Ho-jin) poor financial decisions and getting conned out of his money led by his own ambitions.In February 2008, it was announced that the singer would be participating in the popular MBC variety show We Got Married. A club remix version was released on her second solo album.On July 23, 2008, Seo In-young released her second solo album, Elly Is Cinderella.“Crown J oppa had said, ‘I’ll forever be your on-screen husband, protecting you by your side.

Please update this to complete the sign-up process.Fans are especially curious to the pair′s past relationship as Heechul hugged Seo In Young several times during the episode.Heechul and Seo In Young′s relationship goes back 10 years.During the episode, Seo In Young confessed that she had her first kiss scene with Heechul. After watching the pair interact, fans were curious as to whether they had a history together. There was a time when we went to a noraebang and I was friendly with Seo In Young′s colleague.Seo In Young accuses Heechul by saying, "You were interested in me, right? You were interested." To this, Heechul′s shocked face was caught on camera. When we came out, she was jealous and told me, ′Don′t be friendly with that girl.′" Seo In Young persisted that she didn′t remember, but once Heechul threatened to reveal the colleague′s name, the truth came out.

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