Motorcycle tire dating

The answer to every one of these questions is the same; it depends.

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In this case the aspect ratio is 70% of the 120mm width, making it 84mm.

When it comes to sport bikes, the subject of tires is a common topic of discussion and few topics evoke as much passion or controversy. While the Dunlop or Michelins race-bred tire may be the most popular, that doesn't necessarily make it the best tire for you and your riding style.

The answer to this question is also extremely suggestive and depends a lot on you.

For example, Dunlop's and Bridgetones tend to have stiff sidewalls and pointy profiles, while Metzelers and Pirellis lean towards very soft sidewalls and very round profiles. Many prefer soft sidewalls because they feel they give more confidence in bumpy corners and a more compliant ride.

And this can change from one tire make to another and from tire models. Others may really like the firm feel of a stiff sidewall.

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