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Yes, my beach was called Station 4, Keyes and I also belonged to the The Sand and Sea Beach Club in Santa Monica.

As, kids we’d take our skateboards on the bus and go to the beach every day.

Her staff was professional and I had a great time with everybody.

I am the type of person that tends to have an optimistic view on life and I love people.

And finally the cherry on top, the jewelry for the bathroom, accessory hardware from Nest Studio Thank you again for all your kindness Kelly Wearstler and Kohler and Expressions Home Gallery!

We were honored to be a part of the Grand Opening of the Kohler Signature Store inside Expressions Home Gallery at HD Buttercup where they featured me and my book, Green Interior Design. Designer Sara Plaisted and I at the Kohler showroom book signing. A couple of the beautiful vessel sinks, perfect for any powder room.

Always with a unique point of view and style expression, Kelly's designs are bold, fun and funky fresh. Just when I think I'm in love with one, I fall for another.

Kelly Wearstler Thank you again Top Teny for including us! We had a wonderful time celebrating the debut Kelly Wearstler's new tile collection for Ann Sacks.

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And about 20 years ago, I really started getting serious about art.” By accident or clever design, Maltzman has concocted an unbeatable recipe that appeals to the insatiable visual appetite of the mainstream American public.

We are so thrilled to be recognized by Decorilla for our expertise and design inspiration throughout Los Angeles.

Check out the list below and see other creative designs from the world's top interior designers.

Back then it was all about skateboarding too, we loved Stacy Paralta, Tracker Trucks, Cadillac Wheels, all from our local shop, Val’s Surf.

After we surfed, we’d hitchhike to the Valley and hang out with the Valley girls.

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