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Texas soldier Drew Camp introduces his best friend, school basketball coach Natalie Clark, to his Desert Storm buddy Lucas Allen. Just take care of those pups.""Don't boss me, Natalie," he barked."I'm going inside. What in the hell did she expect-a big old passionate kiss with a pistol and a baby between them?Yesterday he had awakened to overbearing heat in Kuwait, and today Texas was colder than a mother-in-law's kiss on the North Pole. Hazel was going to make your favorite foods and we had a banner made and I heard a noise and the coyote had the puppies cornered and..." She stopped and stared at him as if she expected him to disappear. "Why in the hell didn't you tell us you were coming home early? It's my house and I can come home when I damn well please," he said. That coyote could have killed all three of you if it hadn't been for Natalie." He could hear their whining all the way across the backyard.Maybe he was seeing things due to the abrupt change in weather. Lucas looked from the baby to the dead coyote, to the puppies, finally meeting Natalie's big blue eyes staring at him across the six feet separating them. He thought about carrying his duffel bag to the bunkhouse, hooking up his laptop, and telling her via Internet to get the hell off his ranch.We've recently added a whole new section to our site in response to the popularity of our Live Cam site reviews.You can now read reviews of individual live cam models and see which ones are online.

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