Clementine ford dating a man

According to Andrew Bolt, she is 'just some feminist with bared tattoos'.You can contact Clementine on clementine DOT ford AT gmail DOT com. In addition to corrupting the minds of young women and encouraging them into the kind of radical separatist lesbianism that frightens the Prime Minister, she is a frequent guest on ABC 774, a semi frequent guest at ABC The Drum and a blink and you’ll miss it guest in passing at Channel Nine’s Mornings.Michael Nolan was removed from the Meriton site on Saturday 28th November pending an investigation, and as of pm today 30th November 2015, he no longer works for the Meriton Group."She then goes on to say how, “Perhaps Michael will think twice next time before using his social media account to call a woman 'slut' when she speaks out against online misogyny.These men have rarely ever faced consequences for their actions, but that's starting to change.” So, what exactly did Nolan do to deserve being fired? As if this little hypocritical loser of a human, and incompetent writer, read the words that I would use to describe my own “rebellious” ideas on what should be physically done to this piece of trash, and the detail I would use to describe people like this who are hell-bent in returning public discourse to the bronze-age, I can ensure you that he would be immediately seeking out my employer.

Typically though, it's girls and women who are expected to 'know better' when it comes to posting things online.

There was no context in the screenshot, but according to Ford it “was a comment left on the thread of a screenshot of a man publicly saying I would jibber less with a cock in my mouth.” Ford's collection of articles she writes includes hits such as: #Shout Your Abortion - If you've had an abortion, you have nothing to apologise for, A guide to feminist sex positions, and What happens when women accept compliments online. So show me a page or even a paragraph of her writings (or any of her collegues for that matter) that has anything good to say about men.

Honestly, if the most personal thing this man did to her was allegedly call her a 'slut' then she has some serious issues to deal with in her life. Such writings would not even be deemed to be feminist…nor would she.

One man posted a picture of a brick and wrote: ‘Will help.’ Another said: ‘Kick her in the c***’.

Clementine Ford, who shared the screenshots on her Facebook page, wrote next to them: ‘Having a different libido to your partner can be quite hard on a relationship.

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