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Perhaps most of all, as he talked about in his epic star has been busy working on himself.He's focusing on promoting his new movie and reconnecting with friends.He's not wining and dining fellow A-listers at paparazzi-magnet hot spots, or otherwise going on splashy outings.He'll get back out there eventually, but after what he's been through, it feels safe to guess that he'll keep any new romance close to the vest.He was busy then and, if he so desired, he could be busy now.That's right, before getting married for the first time in 2000, Pitt was almost never alone—and thanks to the 1980s and '90s being a less jaded time, a time before every celebrity couple had a hashtagged nickname, there's plenty of photographic evidence.B-movies, never picked-up pilots, and the scarce guest spot on sitcoms like ), and of course there’s teen queen turned adult siren Christina Applegate, who, after battling breast cancer and undergoing a double mastectomy in 2008 (which both Christina and David can be seen lovingly joking about – “Are those the new ones? Faustino has managed to stay surprisingly upbeat and motivated to continue creating and displayed that sunny disposition during his recent interview with Hip Hop DX. I used to mind when I was a kid, like when I first started doing the show when I was young. DX: Starter coats were starting to be kinda played out by ‘91/‘92. David Faustino: I don’t remember exactly the episode you’re talking about but I vaguely remember it, like I have a slight remembrance of that, and no [I didn’t think it was a good look].The now 38-year-old little big man spoke to DX in part to promote both his return to the Rap game – via his label, Old Scratch Records, and its lead artist, Portland native Patience Price – as well as his return to recognition on television as the voice of the animated fire-bender Mako on Nickelodeon’s surprising sci-fi hit, . You know how when you’re a teenager everything pisses you off, you’re like ready to fight and shit? It just means that people liked the character, and people still love the character. I mean, anytime a writer – What I should have done was just wrote the shit myself but I didn’t.

To say the last 15 years (since was abruptly cancelled after its eleventh season without a series finale) have been difficult for David’s career would be an understatement. But I definitely have a few cool pieces that I pulled from that show. Did it feel as awkward as it looked, or were you thinking internally like, “This is awesome, I’m rhyming on national television”?

2010 Le Noble proposed to Applegate on a beach in Palm Springs.

2011 Applegate gave birth to her daughter Sadie Grace Le Noble at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, weighing 7lbs 8oz.

Eight months after finding himself single again for the first time in almost 20 years, Brad Pitt is taking his time before wading back into the dating pool.

The actor and father of six is understandably exercising caution, having just reached a tentative resolution in his temporarily acrimonious divorce proceedings.

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